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The 411

As I am sure you have gathered from the domain name, my name is Jason Bradwell. I currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa, with my wife Ami.


2003 graduate from Iowa State University with a BFA in Graphic Design.


I am currently employed as the head Web Designer/Developer at Colorfx Marketing Services. I have worked here since graduation from ISU and have been involved in a wide range of projects from printing to the Web. I have training to run the Xerox iGen3 digital production press in addition to doing the Web design and development for internal applications & clients.

Web Interests

While my major is in Graphic Design, my main focus is on the Web. I feel that I have a unique ability as a designer, in that not only am I interested in the design aspect of the Web, but also the backend programming and database side. For server-side languages, I am fluent in PHP and Cold Fusion, with extensive SQL experience as well. I am always open to learning a new language. I also prefer to hand-write html code, to create cross browser code using valid xhtml & css.

My Web interests do not stop at the programming level. I also administor several Linux servers, one of which this Web site is currently running off of. Computers are definatly and interest and a hobby of mine, both tweaking them and building them from scratch.

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